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How do I retrieve a lost password?
The most likely reason that you encountered problems retrieving your password is that you might have input the wrong email address or other information on the password retrieval form. In order for us to locate your password you must input the same information that you provided when registering for the Excite site.

You can reach the Lost Password lookup form by clicking here.

I can't sign in because I don't remember my member name. How do I find it?
You can find out your Excite member name by filling out the Member Name/Password lookup form. Just enter the email address that you registered for the Excite site with, along with your birthdate and zip code that you provided to us when registering. By choosing either option, your member name will be displayed for you. You can also retrieve your password hint or have a new password emailed to you.

You can reach the Lost Password/Member Name lookup form by clicking here.

How do I change my Excite password?
You can change your Excite password, as well as your other registration information, such as your alternate email address, at any time by clicking the "Member Info" link at the bottom of nearly every Excite page or by clicking here.

If you're having difficulty remembering your login information, or if you're receiving the message "The password you have entered is incorrect. Please try again" please click here to use our "Lost Password Tool."

How do update my account information?
You can update your account information, including your password, name, and alternate email address at any time by clicking the "Member info" link found at the bottom of most Excite pages, or by clicking here. We recommend that you keep this information up to date so we can contact you should you lose your password.

If you've lost your Member Name or password, please click here to access our "Lost Password Tool."