Excite Help
Reading Messages
 Checking Mail

Excite Email Notification
From Your Start Page:
  • A white envelope in the upper-right corner of your start page indicates that you have new email.
  • Find out exactly how many new messages have arrived by adding the Email & Community module to your start page. To add this module click the Content link at the top center of your start page.

New messages are retrieved upon logging into your mail account. To retrieve new messages at any other time during your session, click "Check messages" along the left column of the page.
Note: New messages appear in bold type in the message list.
 Displaying More Messages

Your email account is initially set to display 25 messages per screen. You can view more messages by doing one of the following:
  • Click the "Next" link located in the upper right corner of your message list to display your next set of messages. (Click "Prev" to return to the previous list of messages.)
  • Change the number of messages displayed at a time. To do so, click the Preferences link found within your Controls box (left column of your screen), then click Email Preferences. Under the Message Reading header use the dropdown to change the number of messages displayed.

 Sorting Messages

You can sort messages in the message list by Sender (From), Subject, Date or Size by clicking on the appropriate header. Click the same header a second time to sort messages in the opposite direction.
For example, to sort messages by Sender from A to Z, click the "Sender" link. To sort from Z to A, click the "Sender" link again.
 Deleting Messages

To delete a message, click the checkbox (or checkboxes, for multiple message deletion) to the left of the message(s), and click Delete. To select all messages, click the Check All link at the bottom of your Inbox list.
Note: Once you delete a message, it will be placed in your Trash folder. You must click the Empty Trash link to permanently delete your mail. However, Excite will periodically empty your Trash folder.
To empty your Trash folder, click the Empty Trash link. Then choose Yes from the pop-up window. Emptying your trash will permanently delete all messages in the trash folder, whether or not the checkbox is marked.
 Moving Messages

To move a message to a different folder, click the checkbox to the left of that message, then select the folder from the Move To drop-down list.

The following icons indicate the status of messages in the message list:
 New Message
 Previously Read Messages will appear without an icon in front
 Message includes an attachment
 Displaying Messages

To display a message, click the subject of the message in the message list.
 Replying to Messages

To reply to the message sender, click the Reply button in the message window. To reply to the sender and all listed recipients of the original message, click the Reply All button.
 Forwarding Messages

To forward a message click the Forward button in the message window.
There are two forwarding options (found in the drop-down menu in the Compose Mail screen) available to you:
  • Send as an attachment: Forwards your entire message as an attachment
  • Inline Forwarding: Sends the text of your message in the body of the message and includes any attachments
 Opening Attachments

Attachments are listed at the bottom of the message window as file names, preceded by the icon. To open an attachment, click on its filename.
 Printing Messages

To print a message, click the Print View button in the upeer right corner of the message window. This opens the message only in its own browser window, allowing you to use the print function on your browser to print the message.
 Saving Addresses

You can add the sender of a message to your Address Book. To save a sender's address in your Address Book:
  • Click the Add to Address Book link that appears following the sender's email address. An Address Book entry screen will appear with the Full Name and Email fields populated.
  • Click Add More Detail if you wish to enter additional information.
  • Click the Add Checked Addresses to save this address. Quick Address Book
You can save your 5 most-used addresses in your Quick Address Book, then add them to your email with the click of a mouse.
Saving names to your Quick Address Book
  • From your Address Book, click on the Edit Quick Address Book link.
  • Choose up to 5 email addresses to include by checking the box to the left of the Last Name.
  • Click the Save Changes button.
Using your Quick Address Book
  • When composing an email, the names in your Quick Address Book will appear to the right of the address fields.
  • Simply click the name of the recipient you'd like to include.
  • The address will populate the 'to' field.