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Having problems downloading and installing Super Chat?
So you're dying to try out Excite's Super Chat and you're having problems downloading the client. Don't worry, we've got you covered below:
Note: Download and install will not complete if you are running Norton's Personal Firewall. Please disable the firewall during the installation process.
  • You download the client and get an error. You will need to uninstall Super Chat and then try installing it again:
    1. Click on "Start" menu and select "Settings" and then "Control Panel"
    2. Then in the new menu window click on "Add/Remove Programs".
    3. A new window will open up with all your programs listed on the left.
    4. Locate the 'Excite Private Messenger' listing and click on it. Then click the "Change/Remove" button.
    5. The computer will now uninstall this program and a message will appear stating that the "Excite Private Messenger" was successfully uninstalled.
    6. Click the "ok" button and then shut these windows.
    7. After this, please reboot your computer to make sure that the program was indeed deleted.
    8. You want a future upgrade of Super Chat. No worries. You will automatically be notified when you enter a room if we ever update our Super Chat client.
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      Help! I can't get Super Chat to work!
      Problem: You've installed Super Chat but when you click the Chat button on Private Messenger, all you see is an empty chat room - no chatters, no avatars and no text.
      Ok, we can help!
      First, make sure you have IE 5.5 or higher installed on your computer. To find out what version your browser is, try this: Open Internet Explorer and go to the Help menu located at the top of the browser. Select "About Internet Explorer." A box will appear that tells you what version you have.
      If your version is older than 5.5, you may wish, at your own discretion, to install 5.5 or a more recent version of Microsoft Internet Explorer which will most likely resolve the problem that you are experiencing. You can download the 5.5 version of Internet Explorer by visiting:
      If your browser is 5.5 or newer, check your Internet Security Settings:
      1. Open Internet Explorer
      2. Click on Tools and choose Internet Options
      3. Select the Security tab
      4. Your Internet and Local Intranet security should be set to Medium for Super Chat to function properly
      Have the right version of IE and your security settings are a-ok, but Super Chat still sends you to empty rooms? You might be affected by a known bug with Internet Explorer.
      Check out Microsoft's explanation and detailed instructions under "Resolution" on how to correct this bug with Internet Explorer. Please note that correcting this problem involves editing your system registry and you should always back up the registry before you edit it.
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      What happened to Super Chat Alpha?
      Super Chat Alpha has been thoroughly tested and the newest Alpha build with the built-in web browser and Gestures is now Super Chat Beta. And for those of you who love testing things out, don't worry, we will have future Alpha versions as we add more and more features to Super Chat.
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      How does the browser in Super Chat work?
      Super Chat's browser allows you to use almost any web page as your chat room background. Enter a URL in the address bar, click "Go" and the requested page will load in the room and you'll be chatting with everyone else browsing the same URL. Have a favorite website? Make it your regular chat room and invite your friends to join!

      Please Note: Transparent avatars will display correctly in all the Excite Chat rooms. In browser chat rooms, however, they won't be transparent. The transparent part of the avatar will be replaced by the default background color of the page you are visiting.
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      What are these Gestures people keep playing?
      Gestures are .vpa files of animations with sound that are displayed to the room in your chat bubble. The new Super Chat Beta installs with default gestures that are ready to play and can be seen by anyone with the newest Beta build.

      Users can also create their own gestures to share with friends. To view a user created gesture, you need save the actual .vpa file to your gesture folder. If a gesture is played that you do not yet have saved, you'll see the Gesture tag line in your room text, but not the animation or the sound.

      Please Note: You should only accept files from people you know and trust. While most gestures are made for fun and entertainment, be aware that files accepted online can be corrupt or contain malicious programs.
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      How do I create my own Gestures?
      To create your own gestures you will need a still or animated graphic, a small sound file and a text Gesture Tag. Once you have all of the parts, you need to combine them using a Gesture compiler program. There are a number of these programs available on the web, however none are officially supported by The Excite Network at this time.

      For more information and help on gesture making, stop by the Excite Help Desk in chat.
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      Why are all the avatars so small?
      No, you don't need glasses - that's our default size for avatars. You can change the default size to Large (48 x 64 pixels) by:
      1. Opening the Preferences window (click the big ol' Preferences button)
      2. Selecting the "Chat" tab.
      3. Check the "Show large avatars" box.
      To see Mega sized avs (102 x 116 pixels):
      1. Opening the Preferences window (click the big ol' Preferences button)
      2. Selecting the "Chat" tab.
      3. Check the "Show large avatars" box.
      4. And then check the "Show mega-large avatars" box.
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      Why do I keep getting an error when I upload a custom av?
      Chances are your av is too big. Either that or it's a .jpeg. Your custom av must be less than 14.5K in size, and be in a .GIF format. We unfortunately do not support .bmp or .jpeg formats.
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      How do I customize my avatar?
      We know. You're jealous. Everyone else in the chat room has some killer photo or funny cartoon for their avatar, and you're stuck as a guy with a bag on his head. Don't waste another second worrying. You just need to change your avatar. Here's how:
      For stock avatars:
      • Right-click on your Avatar and select "Edit Identity".
      • On your personal ID card, click the "Stock" radio button and hit "Change".
      • In the pop-up window, select a new image you'd like, then hit "OK".
      For custom avatars:
      • Right-click on your Avatar and select "Edit Identity".
      • On your personal ID card, click the "Personal" radio button and hit "Change".
      • In the pop-up window, browse through your disk drives and directories with the dropdowns on the right until you find the Avatar you're looking for.
      • Click on the picture in the left window that you want and hit "OK".
      To successfully upload your custom avatar, it must fit the following criteria:
      • Image size must be less than 14.5k
      • Image must be in a .GIF format. (No .jpegs, .bmp, etc.)
      • The recommended size of large avatars is 48 x 64 pixels and 102 x 116 pixels for mega avatars. While any pixel size is acceptable, please be aware that your image will be resized and possibly distorted if it's not of recommended size.

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      Can I ignore offensive chatters and avatars?
      Yes! To ignore an offensive or disruptive chatter, right click their chat name or avatar and select "ignore." Keep in mind that when you ignore a chat name, it stays ignored for all future chat sessions unless you remove it from your privacy list (found in Preferences).
      To ignore and individual offensive avatar:
      1. Right-click on the avatar
      2. Select "Ignore Avatar"
      3. You can later reverse this by selecting "Unignore Avatar" after right-clicking the avatar.

      If you find custom avatars in general too distracting, you can ignore them all:
      1. Open the Preferences window
      2. Select the "Chat" tab.
      3. Check the "Never show personal avatars" box.

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      Where's the button for all those images?
      You can add images (from teddy bears to flags to coffee) to your chats. To access our library of over 50 images:
      1. Open the Preferences window (click the big ol' Preferences button)
      2. Select the "Message Display" tab.
      3. Check the "Show formatting tools" box.
      You'll see a new toolbar appear below the avatar window. With that you can change your fonts, use emotions or open up the images gallery.
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      What's this "emote" thing? I'm somehow waltzing with other chatters!
      Our "emote" functionality lets users have some fun "emoting" other users. You can dance, eat, clap or cry by yourself or with other users. You'll see these emots as red, italicized text in the history window. To access the "emote" drop-down:
      1. Open the Preferences window
      2. Select the "Message Display" tab.
      3. Check the "Show formatting tools" box.
      If you're sick of seeing everyone else's emotes, just uncheck the "Show emotions" box on the "Message Display" section of Preferences.
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      I hate these different fonts. Can I turn them off?
      Absolutely. You can also change your own default font. To change your font color, size and style:
      1. Open the Preferences window
      2. Select the "Message Display" tab.
      3. Hit the "Font and color" button.
      4. In the font pop-up window, select your font, size and color.
      But if you don't want to see anyone else's funky fonts, just check the "Always show my default font and color" box on the "Message Display" section.
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      Why doesn't Locate work?
      It does. You just need to type in the exact username of the person you're looking for. We'll be adding improvements to Locate in the future, so you'll be able to type partial names to find someone. Even hosts.
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      I can't send a file to anyone. What's up with that?
      We currently do not have file-sharing privileges set up in Super Chat. But it's definitely on our "To-Do" list. In the meantime, while you can't share your avatar with someone, you can still "borrow" a ny that you see. To "borrow" someone's avatar:
      1. Right-click on their avatar.
      2. Click "identity"
      3. On the small ID cards, right click on the avatar.
      4. Choose the "Save Picture As" option to save the image.
      5. Upload the saved image as your custom avatar
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      Will the Super Chat work with Macs?
      Unfortunately, no. The initial release is not Mac compatible. But we are hoping to add a java based chat for Mac users at some point in the future.
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      Do I have to keep entering my password every time I change rooms?
      Nope. The next time you change rooms and the sign-in screen appears, just check off the "Store this password locally" box. If you ever want to remove this option, just go to Preferences, hit the "Excite" section and uncheck the password box.
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