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There are a number of different ways for you to find your way into Excite Chat. To access Excite Chat from the Community homepage, simply click on the Chat link in the top navigation bar, or click on any of the room links within the Chat module. Other ways you can access the Chat homepage include clicking on various chat links throughout Excite, including the Excite Community section on the "My Excite" page.
Okay, so you made it to the Chat homepage, now what? Well, for starters, you need to select a chat room. To help keep things a little organized, we've divided up our many specific chat rooms by categories. You can choose to enter one of the Excite rooms or any of the Member-created rooms. Either click on the pull-down menu to select from our spotlighted chat rooms, or else click on the "More chat rooms" link which will launch a small pop-up window full of more room category drop-downs to choose from. The number in parenthesis after each room indicates how many Excite Members are currently chatting.
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Okay, now it's time for the fun stuff… chatting. The main chat window is where you'll see all the conversations going on in the room. You'll notice all sorts of different fonts, colors and images within the window. These are all accessible via the many different buttons on the Chat interface.
Send Window
At the bottom of the main chat window is the Send window. Simply type in your message and click the "Send" button (or hit the "Enter" key) to send your message into the room.
Bold, Italics, Underline and more
Want your text to stand out? No problem. First, hit the "Preferences" button at the top of the chat window to open up the Preferences window. These sections will let you customize your chat messages as well as your private messages in the Excite Private Messenger. On the "Message Display" section, check the box that says "Show formatting tools." Close the Preferences window and return to the main chat window. Now, by clicking on any of the buttons above the Send Window, you can do all sorts of formatting including: bold, italics, underlining, as well as changing the font color, style and size. Simply highlight the portion of text you wish to format, and then click on the appropriate button.
You can also add pictures to your conversations! First make sure you've checked the "Show formatting tools" box in the "Message Display" section of the Preferences. Then just press the Images button above the Send Window, and then click on the image you want to use. The image will be added right to the Send Window, so you can add text (or even another image) before or after your selected image. NOTE: In order to view images, you need to check the "Show images" box on the "Message Display" page in the preferences.
Besides straight chatting, you can also express yourself in Excite Chat with a number of emotions. First make sure you've checked the "Show formatting tools" box in the "Message Display" section of the Preferences. Then just select any emotion from the dropdown box above the Send Window. When you select an emotion, the Chat Window will display your actions. If you want to express yourself with another User, highlight their username and then click on an emotion. For example: if you just click on "Agree", the Chat Window will say [your Excite Username] completely agrees. If you click on "Agree" and highlight another user, the chat Window will display [your Excite Username] strongly agrees with [other Excite Username].
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When you first enter Excite Chat, you'll notice a big main window full of lots of tiny little pictures and word balloons. Each picture is a graphical representation (known as an Avatar) of the users in that chat room. Every time you type a message, your Avatar will "speak" it via a word balloon. You can also move your Avatar around the room to anywhere you choose by clicking and dragging your image from one spot to another.
You can also right click your mouse on another user's Avatar to get a menu of options including: send an IM, ignore this user, add this user to your buddy list, and view this user's identity. Right clicking on your own Avatar will give you different options including: edit identity, preferences, flip vertically, and flip horizontally.
You'll also notice a small "history" window below the Avatar window, which displays a history of all the chat text in your current room. If you'd like to switch views and see the full history in text mode (without any Avatars), click on the "Text Only" link from the "Views" dropdown in the top file menu.
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When you first login to Excite Chat, you'll be given a default Avatar. But you can easily change this image with another of the many Avatars in our stock library… or even upload your own!
To change your Avatar:
Right click on your Avatar to open up your personal Identity card. Below your Avatar picture, click the "Stock" radio button and then hit "Change". This will pop open another window with a library of Avatars for you to choose from. Simply select the new image you'd like, then hit "OK". Feel free to change your Avatars as often as you'd like.
To upload your own Avatar:
Right click on your Avatar to open up your personal Identity card. Below your Avatar picture, click the "Personal" radio button and then hit "Change". This will open up another window that lets you select from any avatars you've placed in your personal directory. Browse through your drives and directories with the dropdowns on the right until you find the Avatar you're looking for. Then just click on the picture in the left window and hit "OK".
To successfully upload your custom avatar, it must fit the following criteria:
  • Image size must be less than 10k
  • Image must be in a .GIF format. (No .jpegs, .bmp, etc.)
  • The preferred size of your image is 48 x 64 pixels. While any pixel size is acceptable, please be aware that your image will be resized and possibly distorted if it's much larger then the 48 x 64 recommended size.

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Each Excite Chat user has his or her own Identity, which other users can view by right-clicking an Avatar. To edit your Identity, just right click on your Avatar and select "Edit identity" to see your personal identity. On that pop-up, click the "Edit Identity" button to go to an editable version. There, you can add, change or delete any information you'd like in your User Profile.
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To exit Chat completely, just click on the small "x" in the upper right corner of your screen.
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The "Help" Button brings you to this Help feature where you can find all the answers to your questions.
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If you'd like to change rooms once you're already in a chat room, just click on the "Chat Room" button. This will open up a new window that lists all the rooms in Excite Chat, as well as the number of users in each room. You can also click on the User Created Rooms drop-down to find a list of public rooms created by Excite Members. Just click on the room link to enter it. If you'd like to enter a private room created by one of your friends, enter the room name and password (if needed) in the fields at the bottom of the Change Rooms window.
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If you'd like to create your own room, simply click on the Create a Room link at the bottom of the Rooms list. You can create a public room (public rooms are listed on the User Created Rooms list, and anyone can enter) or a private room (private rooms won't appear on any list). Select whether your room will be public or private, and enter a name and password for your room (the password is optional and is only available for private rooms). Once you submit your request, you should quickly find yourself in your newly created room. To invite your friends into your newly created private room, you will need to let them know the name of the room and the password (if you included a password when you set up the room).
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If you wish to ignore another user, highlight the user's name and click on the Ignore button below the Users Window. (You can also right-click on their Avatar, and select "ignore" from the list.) You will no longer receive any private or public messages from that user. To take a user off Ignore, click on the user's name in the Users Window and click the right button of your mouse. In the small menu that pops up, click on "Privacy Options." In the new window you can turn off ignore and choose who you'd like to remove from your ignore list.
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Highlight a user and click the "Message" button below the Users Window. A small window should appear for you to talk privately. Just type your message and hit "Send," to send a private message that only that user can see.
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Curious about those different smiley faces next to each user's name in the Users Window? Those are individual moods, so you can tell how everyone's feeling. To change your mood, just click on the "mood" button and select the mood that suits you best. We offer every mood from "bummed" to "chatty"! Note: To view moods, you need to check the "Show moods" box on the "Message Display" section of Preferences.
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The Excite Chat application is currently available for Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Window NT 4.0, Windows 2000, and Windows XP. The Excite Chat software and cache require only 1 MB of disk space on the disk drive containing your windows directory (usually the C: drive). If you are currently able to run a supported web browser on your computer, you should be able to install and run Excite Chat. In particular, your Web browser and Excite Chat require a 486 or newer, compatible processor, 16 MB of RAM, VGA display (SVGA is recommended), a mouse or similar pointing device, and Internet access.
Excite Chat runs in only Netscape 4.x and Internet 5.x and 6.x. If you run Excite Chat in Netscape 4.x, you will still need Internet Explorer 5.x or 6.x installed and properly configured on your computer. Currently, Excite Chat does not run in other web browsers, including Netscape 6.x.
Note to WebTV and Macintosh users: The Excite Chat application does not currently function with WebTV or the Macintosh operating system.
To find out what version your browser is, try this: Internet Explorer: Go to the Help menu located at the top of your browser. Select "About Internet Explorer." A box will appear that tells you what version you have.
Netscape Navigator: Go to the Help menu located at the top of your browser. Select "About Navigator." A page will appear that tells you the name of the browser (Navigator or Communicator) and the version.

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