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Why search with Excite?
Excite analyzes hundreds of millions of web sites to deliver you the most relevant and popular search results. We constantly check for and remove dead links and repeat entries to ensure that you have the best possible search experience. To begin searching, just type the words or phrases that you are looking for in the search box. Excite will then analyze millions of web pages and return only the most relevant and popular results.
What is Zoom In?
Excite has taken searching to a whole new level with the unparalleled Zoom In feature. It allows you to take your original query and refine it for better results. To give it a try, type your query into the Search box and click the Zoom In button. You'll receive a list of terms that are related to your original search. Choose the suggestion that is the closest match and click Search.
What is the Excite Directory?
The Excite Directory is a compilation of Web sites, indexed by subject and reviewed by editors with specific areas of expertise. This human editing ensures that sites are sorted and organized in a way that makes sense and increases the chances that you'll find exactly what you're looking for. The directory is organized with the larger, general categories located on the left of the page and the more specific topics grouped together within the main body of the page.
How do I search for News?
Find the most current news from around the globe by entering your topic into the search box, clicking the News radio button and then selecting Search.
How do I search for Photos?
Locating images from around the Web is easy - just enter a description of the image you're searching for, select the Images radio button above the search box and press the Search button. Once the results are returned, click any thumbnail image to be linked to the image source.

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