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We've listed below the most frequently asked questions about Excite Email. Below these these FAQs, you 'll find a link to the complete Excite Email help section, as well as link to leave your feedback regarding Excite Email.

How can I change the password for my Excite account?
You can change your password by clicking here or using the link for "Member Info" link at the bottom of the Excite start page and entering in your current password. The resulting screen will provide the ability to change your registration information as well as your password near the bottom of the page. Please note that will need to be signed in to your member account in order to change your password.

I am receiving spam or unsolicited email within my Excite Email account. What can I do about this?
If you should receive any additional unsolicited mailings, please use the "Report as Spam" link within the message to alert us of the incident. This method will assist us in keeping better track of unsolicited messages that our members receive while helping us to prevent these types of messages from being delivered in the future.
You can also utilize the block list and custom filters within your Excite Email account to block unsolicited messages to your account. Click here for additional information regarding these features.

Premium Email Services
If you would like information regarding the Excite Premium Email services, click here.

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Leave feedback/comments
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