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Email Frequently Asked Questions

My colors scheme looks different. How can I change it?
To add a Theme to your Excite Email account, click on the "Mail Preferences" link in the upper navigation bar, then click "Colors/Themes" from the "Personal" column. From the pop-up personalization window, select a Theme by doing the following:
  • Select a Theme category. A list of Themes for that category will appear in the center column.
  • Select the Theme of your choice. A preview of that Theme will appear on the right.
  • For further customization, click Next to choose custom colors for your Theme. Click a color bar to choose a color from the palette for headers, font colors etc., and then click Done when you are finished.
  • Check the "Apply to both my start page and email account" box to save your Theme to both your start page and your Excite Email account pages. To have a different Theme on your start page and email pages, leave this box unchecked.
Click Done to save and close the window, or click Close to close the window without saving.

How do I get back to the Inbox Hub?
To return to the Inbox Hub, simply click on the "Mail" tab in the upper left corner of any email page.

I am having problems attaching a file to my messages.
To attach a file to a message: 1. Click the "Attach" button on the Compose screen. You may add up to 3 attachments per email.
2. On the attachments screen click the "Browse" button next to the empty Find Files field. Navigate to the file you want to attach and double-click (or select it and click the "Open" button). The file name will appear in the "Find File" text field.
3. Click the "Attach" button. The files will appear under the "Currently Attached Files" header. If attaching multiple files (up to 10 using your free email account), repeat steps 2 and 3.
4. Click the "Done" button.
5. Names of files attached to your outgoing message will appear above the Compose Message field next to the "Attachments" header. Multiple attachments are separated by a comma.

How do I access my email through Outlook or another Email Client?
Now you can access your Excite messages through Outlook, Eudora or other Email Clients with Excite Email Gold! Excite Email Gold includes POP3 access, Email Auto-Forwarding, a bigger Email account (up to 2GB) and more! Click here to learn more.

I've forgotten my password. What should I do?
Click here to get a hint or have your password emailed to you.