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 Overview of Excite Money

Q: What is Excite Money?
A: Excite.com's Money section is a comprehensive resource for stock market information and business news. Make Excite Money your Home page on the Web or simply bookmark it for instant access to up-to-the-minute financial markets data and related news throughout the business day. It's all just a click away: Back to top

Q: Who are the Excite Money content providers?
A: Look for our valued contributors' logos throughout the Excite Money pages: Back to top

Q:How do I get Help on Excite Money?
A: Click the Money Help link at the bottom of any Money page.
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Q: Is there a glossary of financial terms I can access?
A: Yes. Scroll to the bottom of any Money page and click the Money Glossary link. Also, Money Help information provides links to Glossary terms as necessary.
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