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Q: What is My Money?
A: My Money is your personalized page on the Excite Money site. You select and organize the Money features you want to see there.
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Q: Can I add or remove features on My Money?
A: Yes. Click the Add or Remove Items link and select the Portfolio, Markets, News and Research features you want to see on My Money. The (right) and (left) text next to each feature indicates the column in which the feature will display on your My Money page. Click the Save and Go To Edit My Money Layout button to save and proceed to the next view to make changes to the page layout.
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Q: How do I rearrange the features on the My Money page?
A: The My Money page layout consists of two columns. You can reassign feature positioning within a column, but you cannot move a feature from one column to the other.
Click the Rearrange Layout link. Select items in one of the columns, and use the Up and Down arrows to change the feature position within the column. Click the Save and return to My Money button to save your changes.
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Q: What kind of information can I add to My Money?
A: You can set up your My Money page to display:
  • Any of your portfolios — for each of your portfolios, choose the Expanded or Condensed portfolio view, or choose not to display the portfolio on the My Money page by selecting an option on the "edit portfolio" page.
  • U.S. markets you want to watch — DJIA, S&P 500, Russell 2000 and Nasdaq Composite.
  • World Markets and Currencies — track major foreign indices, and currency exchange rates.
  • News related to your interests — select news for US Markets, Press Releases, Internet, and IPO.
  • Research — add Earnings Surprises, Upgrades and Downgrades, Stock Splits, the IPO Calendar, IPO Hot Deals, and the Economic Calendar.
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Q: What does this data show me?
Portfolio — provides a summary of the total value and change (in dollars) since the last market close for all of your My Money portfolios.
Click the green arrow next to the portfolio name to expand the totals for each stock. Click View to expand the portfolio display; click Edit to display the portfolio for modification. Click Create New Portfolio to set up a new portfolio.
Markets — For US Markets gives you a snapshot of four major indices. For World Markets, shows symbol, name, index, volume at last market close, and gain or loss since the last close. Click More for expanded statistics.
For Currencies, shows the exchange rates at last market close, and the gain or loss since the last close.
News Headlines — flags only news of interest to you and/or from your favorite market information sources. Just click the headline title to display the article.
Research — tracks only the in-depth information you want to see: earnings surprises (actual Earnings Per Share (EPS), and the percentage of surprise of earnings over what was expected), upgrade and downgrade recommendations, stock splits (date and ratio), the IPO calendar (date, name and range), IPO Hot Deals (name and Flyonthewall.com rating), and the Economic Calendar (date, time and event).
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Q: How can I make sure My Money page shows me the latest trade information?
A: Click the Refresh link.
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