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Q: What is a quote?
A: A quote is the current price of a stock or security. A quote shows you the last trade price and time for the selected symbol, the change (in dollars and percentage) from the previous day's market close, and the volume of shares traded.
Quotes are not saved because of the continuously changing nature of markets. You can track selected stocks of interest to you by setting up and saving an Excite portfolio.
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Q: How do I look up a quote?
A: On any Money page, type the stock's ticker symbol in the Symbol(s) entry box and click the Go button. If you don't know the ticker symbol, click the Find Symbol link to look up the symbol of the stock for which you want the quote.
Quotes are delayed up to 20 minutes, and updated continuously on Excite.
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Q: What quotes are available?
A: On Excite Money, you can get quotes for: All major US stock markets and indices — NYSE, Nasdaq, Standard & Poor's, Dow Jones Averages, AMEX, and other U.S. indicators.
Currencies — all major currencies. Calculate exchange rates here, too.
World Indices — 19 major markets outside of the U.S.
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Q:How do I find a symbol?
A: On any Money page, click the Find Symbol link, enter any part of a company name in the Symbol Lookup entry box, and click the Go button. The lookup will display a list of companies most closely related to the name you entered.
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Q: How can I view a quote?
A: Excite has several standard quote views from which you can select:
  • At-A-Glance
  • Research
  • Short Quote
  • Fundamentals
  • Long Quote
  • News
  • Charts
For portfolio and/or customized views of stocks selected by you, click here.
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Q: What kind of data can I get in a quote?
A: That depends on the quote view you select. Here's a list of the data shown in each view:
  • Short Quote View — symbol, name, last trade price and time, dollar and percentage change in price, and volume of shares traded.
  • Long Quote View — symbol, name, exchange on which the stock is traded, last trade price and time, dollar and percentage change in price, and volume of shares traded, average and total volume of shares traded, number of shares outstanding, bid and ask prices, previous market close price, opening price, dividend and ex-dividend dates, Earnings Per Share (EPS), the day's price range (low to high), the 52-week range, the dividend dollar amount and percentage, and the Price-Earnings (P/E) ratio.
  • At-A-Glance View — last trade price and time, dollar and percentage change in price, opening price, day high, day low, volume of shares traded, and previous close price. At-A-Glance also graphs the stock activity and you can link quickly to News articles and research related to the stock.
  • Research View — statistics on a stock's revenue and EPS history, and other financial indicators of efficiency and growth. Also earnings estimates and broker recommendations, financial reports, insider trading activity, historical quote data, and company information.
  • Fundamentals View — symbol, name, last trade price and time, market capitalization, EPS, P/E ratio, Price/Sales ratio, and the 52-week range (low price and high price over 52 weeks).
  • News View — all the news related to the selected symbol, updated hourly.
  • Charts View — symbol, last trade price and time, price change in dollars and percentage, day high and low price, volume traded, and opening price. Also, comparison to major market indices and selected stocks of your choice.
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