Help: Horoscopes
Read your horoscope daily by adding the My Horoscope module to your My Excite Start Page.
NOTE: If you have not personalized your My Excite Start Page, the My Horoscope module will appear by default.
To add the Horoscope module to your My Excite Start Page:
  • Click the Content link on your start page.
  • Select "My Horoscope" from the category list.
  • Click Done, or click Next to modify your Layout settings.
  • The My Horoscope module will now appear on your start page.
To remove the Horoscope module from your start page:
    Click the Close button (the "X" located in the upper-right corner of the module). Click OK to confirm.
To modify the your Horoscope module information:
  • Click Edit in the module (upper-right corner).
  • Select the desired horoscope from the drop-down list.
  • Click Submit.