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Information about the use of cookies on Excite
Cookies are files on your computer that can be used to store information, such as your Excite Member ID, so that you don't have to sign in each time you visit the site. Cookies do not provide us with any information beyond what you provide when you register with Excite.
We use cookies to a personalized and secure user experience. We have multiple cookies to ensure user's privacy and security with their login. Cookies are also used to provide personalized experiences on some of our content channels. They also play a role to secure a user's webmail account during their session.
For detailed information, please see our Privacy Policy: http://www1.excite.com/home/companyinfo_excite/excite_privacy/0,20398,,00.html

If you are getting an error that your browser is not allowing you to sign in to Excite, or are having other sign in difficulties, here are a few suggestions that should hopefully fix the problem:
  1. Please make sure that your browser is, in fact, set to accept cookies. In Internet Explorer, the Internet zone settings under the 'Security' tab in 'Internet Options' should be set to 'Medium'. America Online users may get to the 'Security' tab by first going to 'My AOL', then clicking on 'WWW'. For Netscape version 4 and above, make sure that 'Accept all cookies' is checked under 'Advanced' in 'Preferences'. Mozilla users should verify that 'Allow sites to set cookies' is checked under the 'Cookies' label in the 'Privacy' panel. The 'Privacy' panel can be found by selecting 'Tools' and then 'Options'.
  2. Depending on how you connect to the Internet, you may be behind a firewall, a proxy server, or a web caching system which could interfere with how cookies are set. You may need to contact your Internet service provider or the system administrator of your company to find out if they are running one or more of the above, and if there is a way around it.
  3. Some security software such as Norton Firewall and Zone Alarm, or web caching programs such as Netsonic, appear to cause problems with how Excite.com cookies are set. If you are running one of these programs, please try disabling it and then try Excite again.
  4. Please make sure that your system clock in your computer is set to the current date and time as this can cause problems with setting the cookie correctly.
If the problem continues, we ask that you would access the URL provided below, to clear your Excite cookie, and then try signing back on to Excite to see if this resolves the problem.