Excite Help
System Requirements for Excite
We have extensively tested the Excite Web site with the following popular operating systems and web browsers.
  • IBM PC and Compatibles, using Windows 98 or above:
    Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 5.5 and above
    Netscape Navigator versions 4.7x
    America Online version 5.0
  • Macintosh:
    Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 5
    Netscape Navigator version 4.7
    America Online version 5.0
  • UNIX:
    Netscape Navigator version 4.7x
Locate what browser you are using
If you are not sure about your browser or version, try the looking in its "Help" menu and choose "About(browser name)". It should then display both the name and version of your browser. If you need to update your browser to use Excite, just visit the Netscape, Microsoft or AOL Web site where you can upgrade your existing Web browser or download a new one (it's free).
Here are links to make it easy: